HARIBO is a market leader in Germany and the largest producer of gummed candies and sugar foam in the world. HARIBO products are exported to over 43 countries and the company has over 5,000 employees worldwide. About 70 million gummed candies are leaving the factory gates every day, in Europe.

In Romania are available the following Haribo assortments:

 Goldbaren 100g, 200g, 1000g Happy Cola 100g, 200g, 1000g



   Quaxi 100g   Primavera Erdbeeren 100g


   Saure Baren 100g   Schnuller 100g, 1000g


 Soft Barchen 100g Berries 100g


 Waldbeeren 100g Kinder Parade 250g




Teeth 100g Jelly Beans 85g



Schlumpfe 175g Happy Cherries 100g, 200g




Liebesherzen 100g Mallows 150g 




Wummis 200g Dinosaurien 200g




 Cocktail 1000g   Maxi Cola 1000g




  Dedones 1000g   Estrellitas 1000g





Melocotones Super 1000g  Platanitos 1000g




 Delfines Azules 1000g  Yacare Brillo 1000g

Fresones Super 1000g  


Besides gummed candies are available also Maoam caramels with different flavors: strawberry, cherry, cola, orange, lemon.   







  Maoam 66g



For the winter holidays period Haribo has prepared a special sort :


Gelee winterzauber 200g   

and for the Easter holidays period a special sortments :

Osterland 100g Baiser Eier 175g Dragee Eier 100g


web site : http://www.haribo.com