Corny is one of the main players on the European market of cereal bars.

An unique cereal bar, especially designed to successfully combine wonderful taste with healthy ingredients.


 Corny is a healthy snack that provides satisfaction to the consumer, having nutritious cereals and less fat than regular bars.   


The energy supplied by Corny is more durable than the one offered by usual cereal bars.

In Romania, this product is present in the following assortments:


Corny Chocolate 50g Corny Peanut-Chocolate 50g


Corny Chocolate-Banana 50g

Corny Schoko-Cookies 50g





  Corny Nuts 50g  



Corny Raisin-Nuts 50g Corny Cranberries 50g





Corny Milk Sandwich 30g






Corny Diet Choco 20g

Corny Diet Kirsche-Joghurt 20g

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